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Our School Day

Our school is open for 32.5 hours each week.
Our children enter their classrooms at 8:45am, where they will be welcomed by teaching staff. Registration is from 8:50-9:00am. School finishes at 3:15pm unless children stay to attend an Enrichment Club.

8:45am-11:45am Morning session
11:45am-12:30pm Lunchtime
12:30pm-3:15pm Afternoon session

Key Stage 1
8:45am-12:30pm Morning session
12:30pm-1:15pm Lunchtime
1:15-3:15pm Afternoon session
Key Stage 2
8:45am-12:00pm Morning session
12:00pm-12:45pm Lunchtime
12:45pm-3:15pm Afternoon session

Our Nursery is open for two 3 hour sessions each day.  We have places in morning Nursery and afternoon Nursery and we also have children who attend full-time and stay for lunch with us.
8:45am-11:45am Morning session
12:15pm-3:15pm Afternoon session

At Rufford, we make sure we take action to improve children's health.  We do this in different ways including our PE curriculum and active after-school clubs such as Dance, Forest School and Cricket.  We also make sure our children have activities and games to play at lunchtimes.  Having enough to drink is a key factor to improving the performance and behaviour of children at school. Water is the best fluid to have. It has none of the health problems associated with drinks containing sugar, additives, sweeteners, acids or caffeine. Whilst we understand that juice and squash often taste nicer, we know that the constant drinking of these fluids throughout the day is one of the biggest causes of plaque and tooth decay.  By promoting drinking water, we want to promote healthier choices and improve the health of pupils.  These things not only help children be healthier now but also as they grow up.  Each child in our school is provided with their own water bottle so they can stay hydrated.  Here are our school water bottles:


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