Our Vision, Value & Ethos

Our school 


Our vision for Rufford Primary School we aim to provide a safe learning environment where children develop the skills to become responsible, articulate citizens of the 21st century. We want our children to be challenged by staff who understand their individual needs and strengths, and who have high expectations of all, including themselves. Our children should not be afraid to make mistakes, but be determined to learn from them; they should not be constrained by the curriculum, but encouraged to think independently and flourish, whatever their gifts may be. We celebrate the diversity of our local community, and encourage everyone to play their part in doing what is best for our children.


Our aims for Rufford Primary School

  • To nurture children’s characters and personalities so that they are confident, responsible learners who take risks and persevere in their learning

  • To foster an appetite for learning, a positive attitude, a sense of aspiration and high expectations

  • To provide a nurturing environment in which the rights of the child are promoted

  • To develop respect and acceptance of each other, and of those in the local area, the UK and the world

  • To encourage honesty and a sense of justice

  • To support everyone in the school community to do their best, and to value staff, parents and governors as well as children

  • To encourage equality of opportunity, regardless of background, gender, race, religion or orientation


Our mission at Rufford Primary School

  • We have resources that engage and enrich learning

  • We provide a curriculum that allows for the needs of all pupils to be met, and which stimulates interest

  • We have staff who are committed to improving outcomes for their children

  • We use coaching, mentoring and collaboration to develop and support staff

  • We provide training opportunities for staff

  • We promote the values that encourage children to take their place as members of our diverse community

  • We encourage our children to take risks in their learning


Rufford Primary School  is a purpose built school for 4 - 11 year old pupils. The standard number of admission each year is 30. Our Nursery is governor-led and we take eligible children from the age of 2 years.

Early Years

This area is for pupils in the Foundation Stage, our Nursery and Reception classes. It comprises two large classrooms for Nursery and Reception, with a shared area and toilet/cloakroom facilities. There is an outside area just for our Foundation Stage pupils, which is separate from the main playground area. Nursery pupils attend on a part time basis, currently in the morning, and are accepted on the waiting list at any time.

Main Building

This area of the school has six classrooms, a Nurture suite, an ICT/Library suite, school hall, intervention room, staff work room and Administration area. The school hall is large and is used for a range of activities, including P.E., assemblies, school dinners, parent workshops and school plays.

We are very proud of the learning which takes place in our school, and this is celebrated in classrooms and in corridors, where you will see evidence of our children's work both past and current. We also celebrate our children's work on our Facebook page.


Our Mission Statement 


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"Our communities will have access to an outstanding education.


Our schools and 6th form cater for the social, economic and cultural diversity that our country is comprised of and deliver opportunities and experiences that celebrate that diversity.


We are to be locally based, but nationally important."


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