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At Rufford, we understand the importance of giving children the best possible start in life. Our Early Years setting is designed with this in mind. The Time for Twos, Nursery and Reception classes work together in a unit to create an engaging and exciting curriculum to get children ready for the rest of their time at our school.


Children can also choose to learn in our brand new outside space. We have a wonderful wooded area used only by the Time for Twos,  Nursery and Reception children.


We welcome children into our nursery from the term after their third birthday. We aim to develop your child's knowledge, skills and understanding in different areas of learning in an environment where your child feels safe and secure.


Please feel free to drop in or call the school to arrange a personalised tour or to book your child a place in our Nursery.


Early Years and Key Stage 1 Leader:

Mrs S Lott

Reception Teacher:

Mr P Crosthwaite and Miss K Huffer

Nursery Teacher: 

Mrs C Burley

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs N Wood, Mrs R Evans, Ms K Griffin and Miss C James

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Early Years at Rufford

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