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After-school Enrichment Clubs

Welcome to our after-school clubs page!


We believe in providing our children with enriching opportunities to explore their interests and develop new skills outside of regular school hours. All of our After-school Clubs are free of charge so that as many of our children as possible can join in the fun!  Our clubs are either run by our trusted community partners or by our own school staff so we can ensure our children receive high-quality instruction and care.  Our clubs change throughout the year, so please make sure you keep an eye out for letters and on the Newsletter for more information. 


We also take part in friendly and competitive sports competitions with other local schools.  We will let you know if your child is taking part.  


Please, take a look at some of the exciting clubs we offer below:


Rugby Club - We work with Stourbridge Rugby Club to deliver rugby coaching for our children.  Our rugby club focuses on the fundamentals of the sport, helps develop teamwork skills, and keeps children active.

Football Club - We work with Stourbridge Football Club to deliver football coaching for our children.  We also have training for children who are part of our girls and boys' teams.  Our aim is not only to improve children's dribbling, passing, and shooting skills but to ensure our children understand how to win and lose with grace and behave in a sporting way.  

Dance Club - Get ready to move and groove in our dance club! Learn different dance styles, choreography, and express yourself through movement.  

Computing Club - This club explores coding and digital design to enhance our children's skills and reinforce how to stay safe online.

Gymnastics Club - Our gymnastics coach has been to the olympics and is part of the Stourbridge Rugby Community team.  In this club, children learn to balance, build strength, and improve flexibility.

Book Club - Join our book club to discover new stories and discuss your favourite books in this 'book talk' session.  At Rufford, we are readers!

Choir - Our choir love to move and sing and perform!  Come and join in to feel the music move you.

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