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Anti-bullying Policy and Approach

We do not tolerate bullying of any kind and work hard to eliminate it. We take all incidents seriously and listen to all of our children.


Please do not hesitate to get in contact with the school if you feel your child is being bullied.

We regularly teach the children about bullying and cyberbullying alongside how to deal with it and who to tell.

Please speak to the class teacher in the first instance, if you cannot get into school, please just call or email: so we can deal with it as soon as possible.

Here is our Anti-bullying Policy:

Anti-Bullying week 2023

For Anti-bullying week, our children reflected on all the ways we keep each other safe at school and what actions we take if we think we are being bullied or if we see anyone else being bullied. We know how to make a noise about bullying!

Thank you to everyone who came in for the Parent Workshop; it was lovely to see you and to talk through our approach not only to Anti-bullying but to creating a safe and happy school for all of our children. If you weren't able to come, here are the slides and information:

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