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F1 in Schools Event!

Check out our short film from the recent launch of our F1 in Schools – Primary Class! Our secondary schools have been involved in F1 in Schools for a number of years now, winning regional and national awards, we recently became the first, and only, F1 in Schools Multi Academy Trust – which means that we get to host our very own regional events AND the brand new Primary Class event. Year 5 students from Rufford Primary School and Nursery joined us at Pedmore High School - Invictus Education Trust for our launch event, and as you can see, they had a blast! The Primary Class sees the students creating their cars from cardboards and propelling them down the 10 metre track using a pump system, the day went by without a hitch, unlike the real F1 World Championship, the quickest team won!

We had an amazing day thank you to all the staff at Pedmore and Invictus who welcomed us with open arms! We can't wait to come back next year...

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