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Art and Design

At Rufford Primary School, we believe our children are artists.  Our art lessons give all children the opportunity to explore their creativity and imagination, and express their ideas.  Art is taught as an expressive means of communication, that builds confidence and creative thinking, and values originality. 


Children are taught a full range of skills and techniques which build year on year including: drawing, painting, collage, textiles,  sculpture and printing, experimenting with a variety of materials.


We use the Kapow Scheme to support the teaching and learning of Art and Design.  This is an ambitious and exciting curriculum which balances the development of artistic skills with building language, knowledge and understanding to enable art appreciation.

Through our art and design programme, we are able to support the development of the whole child.   We strive for our children to have an appreciation and passion for art that will continue beyond their time with us.  We use art as a tool that can be used to support wellbeing as well as a vehicle that provides children with the opportunity to show our values. 

Here is our Rufford Route for Art and Design:

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