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French (Modern Foreign Language)

As our world continues to change with different cultures infusing and combining all around us, the engagement and learning of a foreign language is an increasingly vital aspect of modern society. The acquisition of the skills needed to learn foreign languages is therefore hugely important and we strive to ignite in our children a love and passion for such foreign languages so they can RISE to any occasion and to any challenge. 


Our linguists will develop an understanding and compassion for other cultures and an appreciation for other ways of life. They will leave us with the necessary skills in order to listen, respond and express their views in another language, both in speaking and writing.  Children will have developed a taste for the French language and will understand and independently make use of French vocabulary through a variety of scenarios, games, songs, and activities.

Our vision is that the children at Rufford will have the confidence to speak in a new language to a wider audience and apply their knowledge to everyday life.  We have worked with our Trust Subject Director for Languages to develop a curriculum that will build our children's confidence, provide them with a broad knowledge of vocabulary, and help ensure our children are well-prepared for the next stage of their education in Key Stage 3.

Here is our Rufford Route for French (MFL):

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