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Power Maths

At Rufford Primary School, we use Power Maths as a basis of our maths curriculum. This is an exciting whole-class mastery approach, which has been recommended by the DfE, that works for every child.  It is based upon the concrete, pictorial and abstract approach.  For each year group from Reception to Year 6, the curriculum is broken down into core concepts that are taught in units. A unit divides into smaller learning steps – lessons.


Every lesson is divided into sections that involve plenty of discovery, sharing, collaboration, practice and reflection. Children are encouraged to solve problems each day through the use of concrete resources, pictorial representations and abstract thinking.  Step by step, strong foundations of cumulative knowledge and understanding are built. 


At the heart of this programme is the belief that all children can achieve and be successful mathematicians.






Children also have a fluency lessons each week where the focus is fluency with number, multiplication tables and the four operations.  In these lessons, children can use online programmes such as Times Tables Rock Stars and Numbots to support their learning.  They may also look at arithmetic problems so they can apply their number knowledge.






Through the explicit teaching of the Mathematical skills, both the teachers and the children assess their learning continuously throughout the lesson; this means teaching staff can intervene quickly to help children.  Our assessment systems enable teachers to make informed judgements about children's learning and adapt teaching to address gaps.  This is vital as we make sure any historic gaps in learning from the pandemic are closed so that our children make at least good progress.

Maths Overview and Calculation Policies


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