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Mental Health Awareness Week!

Next week is Mental Health Awareness Week. We will continue to learn about how to look after our mental health. As part of this, we have signed up to Dudley Performing Arts to take part in a project called 'Harmony'. For 20 mins on Friday 11th February, we will all stop our normal lessons and join together to sing a great song that has been written especially for Mental Health Week. The song is called 'Connecting Together' and lots of schools all across the country will stop and sing this song together online. Research shows that focusing on and recognising the feel-good benefits of singing can not only help people grow academically but also help people deal with life's low points.

This is an amazing opportunity for our staff and children. If you want to practise the song together at home then please click on the link. You can even join in from home at 2pm on Friday 11th February if you wish!

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