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The evolution of Rufford Primary School's PHSE curriculum presents and exciting yet challenging opportunity to provide a suitable, sensible and considered education about sensitive issues in a world where the most common source for answers is the internet.  The curriculum includes health and well-being; anti-bullying; managing feelings; health and self-care; responsibility; human rights; equality and safeguarding.


With the implementation of the Relationship and Sex Education aspect, a legal requirement, it is important that we develop a programme that prepares our children for a happy and successful life as adults living in the UK in the 21st century.  Children will:

  • learn about sensitive issues within the context of a safe learning environment, with trusted adults and with the ability to have questions answered honestly and accurately;

  • realise that certain information from alternative sources may be inaccurate or harmful;

  • make informed decisions about their health, relationships and wellbeing as well as their education and career;

  • face difficult situations with resilience; have the knowledge and the confidence to ask for help and know where to find it;

  • know that although we all live differently and have different views and beliefs, stable, consensual and caring relationships are at the heart of happy, fulfilling lives;

  • respect themselves and others, and understand the importance of privacy and permission giving;

  • understand safe and unsafe behaviours, both on-line and in person, and to know how to respond to inappropriate or unsafe encounters;

  • know that mental wellbeing is as important as physical health; to learn self-care techniques and to know when to ask for help and who to ask;

  • understand the importance of healthy eating, regular exercise and the dangers of harmful substances;

  • recognise that they can help themselves to stay healthy and that they can help others in need, by using simple first aid;

  • know that as they grow older their bodies change.

The central focus of the PSHE and RSE curriculum that we will provide to children will always be their happiness, safety and wellbeing; and we will ensure that the ideas, issues and themes we discuss with them will be age appropriate.



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