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Our Rufford Base


About our Base

Rufford Base is a specialist class based within our highly-inclusive mainstream school.  ​All children within our Rufford Base have an Education, Health and Care plan (EHCP).   

We offer specialised teaching and resources designed to deliver provision as set out by individual children's Education, Health and Care plans (EHCP). Staffing ratios are higher than in a mainstream class and staff are recruited and trained to offer skills and expertise in supporting children with SEND.  The environment is carefully structured to ensure it is a safe and communication friendly place to be.


We offer a 'hybrid' model where we monitor the development of children within Base Class, supporting them to access activities alongside peers in the mainstream classroom where appropriate. These activities may be learning opportunities or enrichment activities including our whole school visit to the Pantomime, our weekly Values Assembly or other whole-school events.


We apply the admissions process in line with recommendations from the Dudley SEND Panel.  Rufford Primary School does not decide which children are admitted to our Base. Children are only admitted through the process of 'naming' the setting within Section I of their EHCP.  All children are placed on roll at Rufford Primary School.


At this time, we can accept 6 children and we are currently full. Once work to adapt the setting further has been completed we will be admitting 12 children.


​Even though the setting is currently full, we do school visits for families wanting to see our setting. We recommend that you make arrangements with us to visit if you feel our Rufford Base could be the right setting for your child. Please call the School Office on 01384 686717 to make an appointment.

For more information about our SEND offer at Rufford, please see our Special Education Needs page.


​All pupils taught in Rufford Base have complex needs. Our curriculum within the setting is adapted and designed to support their individual targets and provision as detailed in our children's Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCP). 

Our curriculum is adapted appropriately to challenge and support the developmental stage and range that children are accessing.   Our school values are part of the curriculum in our Base.  We adapt teaching and learning for the specific needs of the child and use a range of activities in the classroom to engage our learners.  Children access our outdoor learning area and our Forest School too. 

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