Staff continuously assess children, and this helps them to plan lessons that meet the needs of individual children. Assessments may be a formal test, like times tables, or may be observations made while working alongside a child in class. There are standards which children are expected to meet in each year group, and we assess children against these standards, and generate data which shows how our children have progressed. Teacher assessment gives an accurate picture of what children can do, and also helps children to see what they need to do to improve their work. Assessment data is collected every term, and staff attend half-termly pupil progress meetings where individuals are discussed.


There are national tests for children in Y2 and Y6, commonly called SATs, which are devised by the DfE. These take a snapshot of a child's performance on a particular day, and in Y2 feed into teacher assessment. In Y6, they are used to measure the progress of children and to hold schools to account.  Y1 also sit national tests in phonics, which involves reading a mixture of real and made up words. If they fail to meet the expected standard in Y1, they have to re-sit the test in Y2. Some children may not sit these national tests, if they are working below the level of the test.


The assessment system that we use is based on the Chris Quigley Essentials and is called INSIGHT.  If you would like more information about our assessment system, please do contact the office.  


A link to the school and college performance tables service is here 


2018 Key Stage 2 SATs Information is as follows:

                                                                                                                     Teacher assessment               Test

% of pupils achieving expected standard in reading                           56                                   48

% of pupils achieving expected standard in writing                            52

% of pupils achieving expected standard in spelling,

grammar and punctuation                                                                                                                         51

% of pupils achieving expected standard in maths                              41                                   33

% of pupils achieving expected standard in reading,

writing and maths                                                                                                 37                                   33

% of pupils achieving a high level of attainment in reading,

writing and maths                                                                                                  0                                       0

average progress in reading                                                                                                                   -4.6

average progress in writing                                                                                                                    -2.6

average progress in maths                                                                                                                      -4.9

average scaled score in reading                                                                                                              99

average scaled score in spelling, grammar and punctuation                                                   99

average scaled score in maths                                                                                                                 98

Statutory assessments have not been carried out since 2019 owing to the Covid-19 pandemic, so we have no pupil data to include here. From summer 2022, we will be carrying out statutory assessments in Phonics (Y1 and some Y2); end of KS1 (Y2); Times tables (Y4); and end of KS2 (Y6). Results will be posted following DfE guidelines.