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Rufford joins Invictus

We have great news, Rufford Primary School will be officially joining Invictus Education Trust on September 1st 2021. The Regional Schools Commissioner wrote to us last week with our ‘Academy Order’ making Rufford Primary School the first primary school to join the Trust!

Rufford headteacher, Alice Middleton, said “I am so pleased for everyone at Rufford that we are about to join Invictus Education Trust. There will be great opportunities for our children, and the wider benefits that will come to the local community are very exciting. It will be a privilege to work more closely with the team at Invictus to strengthen what we offer, and to plan how our staff and resources will benefit older students from the trust. The journey is just beginning, and there is a lot of hard work to be done but together we are stronger and the children's future will be all the brighter".

Although the date of conversion is officially 1st September 2021 the collaboration will begin immediately with in-school and central Trust support teams working together to ensure a smooth and productive transition. It is an exciting time for everyone involved, including our communities who will now also experience the benefits of being part of a Multi Academy Trust that ALWAYS put students first.

Tony Bowles, Invictus Education Trust Chief Executive Officer added: “We have been working with Alice and the school governing body on this project for a few months, and I am overjoyed that we can finally share this news, from our very first meeting I knew Rufford would be a perfect fit within our Trust, and the perfect choice to become our first primary school. We are a values driven Trust which means that our seven values guide everything that we do, in our many meetings and visits to the school it was obvious to us that Rufford’s students, staff and communities share similar values. Although, we feel there is so much that we can offer to Rufford, in terms of opportunities and experiences thanks to our vast resources, there will be so much that we will learn from them in our partnership, particularly as we are keen to expand our primary school partnerships.”

For more information about Rufford Primary School, Invictus Education Trust or any of its schools visit our websites or

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